cleanwhiteroom's 2021 finale for 
Designations Congruent with Things
is here!


To download text for these fics
and many more,
formatted in epub & pdf
go to

NEW! cleanwhiteroom is writing new chapters for Mathématique.  This is so fantastic, Maths is an intricate, delightful story.

All audio we recorded is on the right.  To download, right click and save.
Some files, especially the zip files, are huge
and make take a while to DL.
ETA: there is a code issue that is flagging the zip files 'dangerous,' I'm working on it :)  They are safe though, no worries.

All of you fans are dear to me, and I dearly hope you enjoy :)

....yes audio of Aftermath is coming - it's a lot of words :D

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